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 You looked away from your captor in fear and disgust, not wanting to face the monster before you.

 He simply smirked and grabbed your chin to make you face him.   teal eyes bored into yours, almost entrancing you making you unable to close them.

 "My dear, please speak to me.~" he cooed, simply smirking at you. You jerked your head away.

 "You're wasting your breath Pupa...I don't love you...I never will...."

 "And why ever not?~" he said in that coi tone, cupping your cheek in his palm to make you face him while stroking your cheek with his thumb. "If you did I wouldn't have to keep your arms chained to the wall.~"

 You yanked your head away once more, your hatred burned deep in your chest as you tried not to show your hidden terror.

 Pupa let out a sigh before turning and leaving. You watched him leave the room, staring intently at the twisted horn on the ornament adorning his head and his tattered insectoid wings that swayed slightly when he moved.


 Pupa flipped through the old book blankly, not really reading the text, but rather staring at the small illustrations on the withering paper. In one illustration a couple were about to kiss, completely in love with each other.

 Pupa seemed to glare at the picture with a sort of envy. He clenched his hand tightly,  causing his sharp black nails to scrape markings into the table. The horn om his head glowed green and the illustration became black from being burned. Pupa growled, baring his sharp teeth.

 "What do the males in these books have that I don't?" Pupa growled, clenching his fists. "I've tried EVERYTHING!" he yelled slinging the old book against the wall in rage.

 Pupa sighed. He looked in a mirror on his wall. He did consider himself rather hideous. He had grayish skin, his dark teal hair was a bit long and messy, his clothes had a few rips in them, his eyes were the same ugly teal color as his hair, the horn on his head was black and twisted, his insect wings were ripped and tattered, he was an abomination. Pupa frowned, sitting back in his chair.

 "I don't know what else to do...for what is a King with no bride...?" he pondered. After so much time trying get the love of others, they always just shut him out. What was he doing wrong? He gave them the best food the could have, let them have a nice warm room and a fluffy plush bed, what was he missing...?

 Pupa curled up on his bed, shutting the slightly tattered teal curtains and crawling beneath the blankets. He glanced at the empty place in the large bed, each night hoping that he would wake up next to his queen and his loneliness would have just been a dream, but his most desired dream of a bride never came true.

 Shutting out his thoughts, Pupa closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


 You simply lay in your bed, glancing blankly into nothing as your thoughts raced. You wanted out. You wanted out now.

 You jumped hearing the door creak open. You saw King Pupa's black boots hit the floor and start coming toward you. You stiffened up as he sat next to you on the bed.

 You became a bit flushed as he started to gently stroke your hair. You remained silent.

 "Did you sleep well...?" he asked, running his grayish hands through your ____ colored locks. You nodded silently, not wanting to say anything.

 "Good..." he muttered.

 You stared up at him. He didn't seem to notice. Feeling a bit daring, you slowly reached your hand up toward one of his wings. He still didn't notice, lost in thought. Being as quiet as possible, you reached up and stroked the appandege. It had a surprisingly soft feel, like silk with the slightly wrinkled texture of leather.

 Pupa jumped slightly. He stared down at you with a surprised look in his features. A light red dusted his cheeks, taken back a bit by your action.

 You pulled your hand back, hoping you hadn't angered him. He didn't do anything,  instead he simply turned his eyes back staring into space, and shortly after began unknowingly stroking your hair again.

 Pupa closed his eyes, a small smile crept to his lips, imagining you as his queen, being able to play with your hair like this, to share a bed, sharing little kisses and sweet "I love you's." You looked up at him curiously, feeling a small tug at your heart strings at the smile on his lips. Sitting up you gave him a swift kiss on the cheek, wrapping your arms around him. The same shy look of surprise bloomed on his face. He looked at you questioningly, his eyes glowed with some strange emotion new to him yet familiar.

 Pupa closed his eyes and pressed his lips to yours softly. He didn't move them, he simply kept them in place for a few seconds, it was obvious he had no practice before. Your eyes were wide in surprise,  you weren't sure what to do.

 Pupa pulled away, his expression was neutral,  as if he wasn't sure what to do or say yet felt a sort of warm thrum in his heart.

 You stared into slitted teal orbs in surprise, you suddenly felt pity for him, as he was showing a much softer, kinder side than you had expected.

 "I..." he started, not sure what to say. "I'm sorry...."

 You simply smiled up at him.


 You crawled under the covers of the large bed, you snuggled inside of your light teal nightgown. King Pupa crawled under next to you and pulled you close to his chest. You snuggled in his neck, your eyelids drooped slightly.

 "Goodnight, my little Queen...~"Pupa whispered, planting a kiss on your forehead.

 "Goodnight Pupa....~" you replied, starting to drift to sleep next to Pupa, your husband for 7 years.

 You both drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
I feel like my brain gave birth...  >.<

This took a long time to write...

Gawd im so lazy  :dummy:

MLP doesn't belong to me, just this story.  :p
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Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis Amazing. I'm not too much of a fan of the series, but it's just because marketing made it seem really for little girls. I still like the show anyway. I love this one-shot and the cosplay up at the top. Plus I love the color teal, it's my favorite color. Also King Pupa, I think the reason reader-chan didn't like you at first is because you were acting kinda pissy. That's why dude. Facepalm2 
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